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Boy In Luv Series

I would like to express the aesthetic of ideal beauty and the rise of soft masculinity that expresses emotions when in love. I wanted to express a softer feeling to illustrate the fragility that men also experience. the emotions that were not suppressed by masculinity and patriarchy. Because the frangibility and beauty have genderless.

Apollo and Hyacinth
Sometimes we lose to fate. 
But in this eternity we can keep him in our hearts forever.

when falling in love I would feel the sensation of butterflies flying in my stomach or must it be falling again?

Black valentine
the moment I fell in love with you It was the same time that I knew I was going to be heartbroken.

Wildest dream 
wishes you'll remember me in the best cloth, my smile that smiles at you in the wildest dream.
I bet memories follow you around.

Double take 
in the middle of the crowds, I'm pretending that I'm fine

But I'm just a boy who wants to cry and vulnerability deep in my mind.

starry sky
At first sight, I see the starlight in your eyes, all night long.